Blizzard e90-27


Built on our race proven FPS platform, combining progressive all-mountain geometry and Shimano E8000 powerhouse – this bike is a real smile generator.

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Rock Machine Bicycles ESTD, 1994 - 25 years

Everything started as a small bike shop in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Twenty five years later our bikes are being built in one of the biggest factory in Europe and our riders are racing for podiums on a world stage. But our philosophy remains the same over those years: Riding a Rock Machine bicycle means having fun behind the bars.

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99.9% Original

You know that riding an e-bike is a different story. But what if we say there are no trade-offs if compared with non-e version?
Our E-Blizzard line shares exactly the same geometry with his traditional cousin. OK, minus that 0.1%.

Limited Edition. Unlimited Xperience.

Prepare yourself for totally new experience! Limits are pushed away with internal powerful unit. Rides are longer and faster. You can see more, you can feel more. Every pedal stroke is filled with power and it gives you extreme boost of adrenaline. This is a whole new dimension!

Rock Machine Research&Development

Passion. Mission.

If you want to burn, be on fire! From the first pencil sketch, through prototype testing and debugging to the finished product tested in the most rigorous labs by the engineers and on the trails by our ambassadors and us.

See you on the trail!

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