Whizz 90 DH Frame SetWhizz 90 DH Frame Set Whizz 90 DH FrameWhizz 90 DH Frame Whizz 90Whizz 90 Whizz 70Whizz 70
Whizz 50Whizz 50 Whizz 30Whizz 30 Volcano 50Volcano 50 Volcano 30Volcano 30
Blizzard 90Blizzard 90 Blizzard 70Blizzard 70 Blizzard 50Blizzard 50 Blizzard 30Blizzard 30

Shuttles and cable cars? Or legs and lungs? Doesn’t matter, Rock Machine all-mountain and freeride bikes fit any needs and budget. For those who spent all day in epic wide turns we expand our 140/130 mm Blizzard line to 4 models, in 160/150 mm trailbike category we put Volcano on diet and to existing model we add one with a little less fat ;) Who likes it big can definitelly choose from four different models of our in-house developed, tested and critically well acclaimed FR rig Whizz.
And there’s one more thing: Whizz DH. This frame gets few inches of rear travel more to rock even the most challenging DH trails of the world.