Storm 24Storm 24 Surge 24 OrangeSurge 24 Orange Surge 24 GreenSurge 24 Green Surge 20 OrangeSurge 20 Orange
Surge 20 BlueSurge 20 Blue GoBig! 20 BlueGoBig! 20 Blue GoBig! 20 RedGoBig! 20 Red GoBig! 16 BlueGoBig! 16 Blue
GoBig! 16 RedGoBig! 16 Red Mustang 16 Boy GreenMustang 16 Boy Green Mustang 16 Boy RedMustang 16 Boy Red Mustang 16 GirlMustang 16 Girl
Mustang 12 Boy GreenMustang 12 Boy Green Mustang 12 Boy RedMustang 12 Boy Red Mustang 12 GirlMustang 12 Girl

Because we pay the same attention to every single bike in our collection, you don’t have to worry that bikes for teens and kids are built with different approach. Parts and materials are chosen with the same care and crafted with main focus in mind: to deliver both fun and safety. Add attractive color schemes reflecting frame graphics of their bigger counterparts and the result are bikes your kids want to ride any given day.