XC Racing

Vortex 90Vortex 90 Vortex 70Vortex 70 Vortex 50Vortex 50 Vortex 30Vortex 30
Team 90Team 90 Team 70Team 70 Team 50Team 50 Explosion 50Explosion 50
Explosion 30Explosion 30

Thoroughbred racing rockets. Uni-directional carbon chassis. Shimano state-of-the-art sets. Top of the line Fox shocks and forks. Fulcrum wheelsets. This all plus more plus racing ready geometry make out of these rare explosive material. Fullsus Vortex for long stage races, Team and Explosion for those who want to transfer every piece of power on rear wheel. Low fat, quick handling and ability to keep the line at high speeds characterize XC racing line from Rock Machine.