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Rock Machine ambassadors during the winter time


What the Rock Machine ambassadors do during the winter time when it´s freezing cold, snow heavily and it seems the bike should remain stay in garage?

Someone has it like this, someone else do not.

Check the photos below to watch how are our Canadian ambassadors as Petr Basel, Kubo Dubsky and Lucie Seveckova raging in a bunches of snow or how the winter looks like in case of Slovakian rider Marek Oziman. The Czech riders also do not idle while diversifying the XC skiing by crazy jumping on the slopes as Jan Sevecek or riding through the snowy trails as his wife Adela Seveckova and other ambassadors or people behind the Rock Machine brand as Filip Matus, Trail-Busters gang, Jan Tandler, Mara Belovsky and Jaromir Spesny.

Rock Machine Research&Development

Passion. Mission.

If you want to burn, be on fire! From the first pencil sketch, through prototype testing and debugging to the finished product tested in the most rigorous labs by the engineers and on the trails by our ambassadors and us.

See you on the trail!

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