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Rock Machine heading to the Kingdom of Lesotho


Our Blizzards 90-27 with Roman Kalabus, founder of many bike resorts and his court photographer Zbynek Duchon heading to the oposite side of the Equator with a clear objective. Map the Drakensberg Mountains in the Kingdom of Lesotho and other locations in neighboring RSA.

More about comes from Roman Kalabus:

It came as a bolt from the blue. The phone rang and after a brief presentation came courtesy request: "I need to meet with you regarding the job!" When this man from Ministry of Environment says that, my mind automatically flashes up that I will turn some trouble with some project or trail building. I ask, how much it rushes and tensions with their own impatience, I want to meet asap to know what the problem is. After 4 days we met in Prague.

Short brief introduction and than we go straight to the point: "We have travel agency which takes people to the expeditions in Africa. We do the MTB programs too and we´ll be glad if you could help us." Fortunately I had glasses on my eyes so they didn´t pass through a diopters out. I said to myself that he probably confused me with someone else .... No, he didn´t.

"I know your work and I know from the others that you´re also organizing the events we have no experience with, among the trail projects you do." While of thinking ....ok, let´s do it, I said. It was September 2016 and I did not present the project somehow as I thought that it was just a shot in the dark.

Another  email came in a week and I promptly agreed to cooperate. I bonded up with court photographer of my bike resort and friend Zbynek Duchon, with whom I had many outdoor experiences. Zbynek agreed to go with me! That´s how the MTB LESOTHO project was born!

The vision of the project is to map at least the part of the Kingdom of Lesotho and South Africa's east, both sides of the Drakensberg mountains. Passportization perform some existing routes and maping the new one, determine their difficulty, upload it to GPS, and then manage the logistic of the project behind the table at home. Of course shoot amount of an incredible pictures and take some video spots armed with the 2017 Rock Machine Blizzards 90-27 with 160mm fork and suspension travel what will be helpful in the wild stony mountains for sure.

Thanks Dainese and Craft Czech republic and Slovakia we´ll be dressed in a high quality outdoor clothes made for riding in a mountains to stay alive and comfy in many types of weather in high altittude.

What I know for sure that the neverending challenging experience awaits us in upcoming month when we´ll meet the places where no one is riding the bike, no one speaks our language but the people are kind and nice.

Stay with us!

Roman Kalabus



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