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Cover name "Polish extreme"


That was the name of the last week event focused for the Rock Machine testing by the TOP Polish brand dealers and reselers in Czech bike park Kycerka when the spring weather turned into the solid winter for a several days.

Although the cold weather came on these days, when the temperature attacked the zero degrees Celsius, wind blew and few centimeters of snow was on the trails (the Polish extreme how one of the dealers mentioned), Polish dealers came to test the 2017 #InTrailWeTrust brand models.

The event took place in bike park Kycerka, the basement of the Valassko bike resort which is newly connected to the Rock Machine brand from this year. Rock Machine EDGE category models Blizzard and Blizz were tested seriously on the snowy trails and mud. The new electric model eBlizz also enjoyed a great attention and the dealers were able to see the brand new 018 model eBlizzard too.

Not only Polish dealers tested the bikes but also the owners of the several local hotels who´ll operate the Rock Machine bikes rental service in their hotels already from this summer.

Thanks to the Rock Machine trailer and traditional local restaurant Kycerka we had a heated basement during whole day where brand product manager presented the news to all who followed the program.

Thanks everyone for coming!


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