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Czech Enduro Series: Round 6, Spicak - Race Recap by Vojta Blaha


One of the best Czech bike park, Bike Park Spicak, hosted the final round of the Czech Enduro series 2017 where riders had the last chance to get valuable points for the overall ranking. This race was also part of the new Central European Enduro Series.

"As usual, we arrived on Friday, so I was able to check the status of the tracks and get a good idea of choosing the tires for the race. On Saturday, the training course was perfectly squeezed, especially thanks to the mom who made us with Max Adami a flawless shuttle and so we managed to run all the SS out of the bikepark twice before lunch. Then we moved to a bike parachute and trained two SSs that were accessible from the cable car. In the evening, the prologue of the race was on slippery grass and even more slippery wooden hurdles that required even some serious injuries. So I took it lightly and let it take a few seconds to start the race. On Sunday morning, it seemed that it might well be nice, but I let the spikes in the mud and I did well. There was absolutely everything going on SS1, and I was really glad to find some grip in the mud between the roots and the rocks. I managed to get through all the difficult places without a mistake, and on the peddaling section I knew I could get this SS and so I tried what it was. I passed two racers and on this SS I won my first victory in the overall order of the enduroserie, that is, among the elite. That's what I learned after the race, and I went on to win the overall U21 category. Tyres and overall bike worked great, I came without a single disruption and a good feeling of riding. From my physical performance I was not so excited, so I choose little rest before the last important race of my season. I won the race in my category, which also ensured a seasonal victory, and ranked sixth overall in the elite. I think I'm going to Finale Ligure EWS rd8 with a well-prepared bike and a solid place, which should give me a medal position on the world rankings."


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