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Vojta Blaha 2nd overall in U21 of the 2017 EWS


After a thoroughly exciting season of racing, the 2017 Enduro World Series has wrapped up in Finale Ligure, Italy, for the eighth and final round of the series.

"On the outcome of the last round of the Enduro World Series depended my position in the overall ranking, so it was important for me to get a solid result. The track was very hard, technical and physical with the first stage over 8 km long and with a total length of the race 106 km including transfers. I felt good at training, it went without a crash and basically without any technical. At the race I was not completely in my skin, because if I made a big mistake, it would cost me the overall podium. On the first day though I still had two small and fortunately quite rapid falls, one of which was my fault and the other was caused by a shifted finish of stage 2. This was not very good for the organization and as many competitors confirm, it was an unexpected and insidious change of the course! So into the next day I went sitting in 16th place, knowing that if the situation did not change, I would be third. Fortunately for me, Sunday's stages were more focused on pedaling. That helped me to the 13th place, which was enough to secure the overall 2nd place in U21 (men under 21). I would like to thank you all because each one of you helped me in some way to achieve this great result! I hope I’ll be able to perform well next year and I’ll be battling for U21 title again. Wish you all nice autumn and off-season!"

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