HPC project


Shortcut of this project speaks for itself but only in Czech language. We can translate it simply to "Horizontal ride across Czechia".

As usual, this project was one of the many ideas produced by the cyclist's brain when refilling the fluid after a day-long ride. Projects like this are heroic ideas but after few beers it disappear as fast as it was created.

This time, fortunately, it was different. Two determined cyclists and close friends have decided to fulfil this ideas a cross our small Republic in their saddles.

Marek Bělovský has been equipped with our brand-new Rock Machine GRAVELRIDE 700. On a 700-km long journey it was necessary to use all the available racks, holders, bags and the whole bike get another 18kg of weight! There is no other solution when you want to ride 710 km in six days and with no external support and the luxury of hotels or camps. The daily mileage was approaching 130 km with an average of about 1500 height meters per day. Weather was factor as well as the sun hide it self and rainy days provided strong test for both - the material and the psyche of our adventurers. But human race is adaptable and so is Marek, together with his buddy Tom Kutin. They successfully reached their final destination - Jablunkov - mot eastern part of Czechia.

Journey is the goal - classic cliché - but it somehow sums up this amazing trip. Our guys were able to meet a lot of wonderful people, travelled through paths and landscapes that they had no idea of, and mostly experienced the conditions of ecstasy and absolute exhaustion - just a holiday adventure all inclusive!

We are delighted that Rock Machine GRAVELRIDE 700 has held Mark even in the worst situations and that both of them finished their crazy idea! We are more than sure that another trip is already in Marek‘s head and we cannot wait for it to come!


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