The battery is the energy reservoir of an e-bike, simply said. It stores the electricity and releases it when you most need it. Sport Drive utilizes three different battery solutions. While the integrated battery is the most advanced, Sport Drive still offers the classic carrier battery and external frame battery for value-oriented builds.

SD battery integrated


The integrated battery is the most advanced solution, and the 4th generation of Sport Drive offers it. The evolution is unstoppable, and the batteries are getting smaller while keeping the same capacity. The new Phylion 504Wh battery allows the designers to integrate it into the frame smartly. Adding stiffness and having a cleaner look while maintaining an easy manipulation with the possibility of pulling out the battery from the top of the tube. This solution also reaches the water-resistance standard which means you can ride whatever the conditions are.

SD battery frame


The external frame battery has been successfully used by Sort Drive for many years now. It is a simple and good-looking solution. You can access the battery very easily. So in case you want to switch between two batteries for added range, an external battery makes it a simple task.

SD battery rack


Situating the battery on the rear rack is a classic and well-proven solution. It adds stability while not disturbing the appearance of the bike. Apart from the battery, the rack also provides enough space for all other things you would carry.


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