We are producing our frames using the most advanced manufacturing processes and in compliance with the highest industry standards. Thanks to that, starting with 2020 collection, we offer a 5-year free warranty on Rock Machine frames. The warranty is limited to the manufacturing flaws of the frame and is a subject to the condition that the frame is regularly inspected by an authorized Rock Machine service partner. We also offer an extended 3-year (free of charge) on frames Rock Machine for Collection 2019 & older.

  • An extended warranty relates to the frame of a bicycle purchased from an authorized retail dealer of Rock Machine bicycles that is capable of providing relevant and adequate warranty and post-warranty service. Here is a list of authorized dealers.
  • The extended warranty applies to frames from the 2014 collection and later.  A warranty extension only applies to manufacturing defects of the frame and the way it was constructed, and does not apply to the finish / coating of the frame and its accessories.
  • A warranty extension is only valid for the owner of the bike that first purchased it (i.e. it cannot be transferred to anyone else), and only after registration on this website.
  • The registration must take place within 14 days after the bike was purchased. The registered data must be identical to those stated in the Warranty Card of the bicycle. 
  • Making a claim against the warranty is subject to the condition that the frame is regularly inspected by an authorized Rock Machine service station, and that the check is performed at least once per calendar year. The date on which the bicycle was purchased is considered to be the first day of the warranty period. The regular service inspections must be confirmed with an entry in the chart in the Warranty Card (the penultimate page in the User Manual). The warranty is invalid without this document of regular inspections. The costs relating to the service inspections are borne by the customer alone.


Customers can arrange an extended warranty for a frame by filling in the form below. After the form has been filled in, the system automatically sends an e-mail confirming the extension of the warranty to the address provided by the customer.

For the warranty to be valid, it is necessary to have the bicycle serviced in an authorized Rock Machine service station at least once a year. Only an authorized Rock Machine dealer, as identified on the website of the brand, is permitted to perform the warranty service inspections. In cases where a valid claim is made against the warranty, the dealer shall provide the customer with an identical frame to that which is the subject of the claim. In such cases, the frame shall be provided free of charge.

The first day on which the extended warranty is valid is considered to be the date on which the bicycle was purchased, and not the date on which the registration for the extended warranty took place on the website.

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Your 3–year warranty was succesfully registered. Check your e-mail for the confirmation - if you won‘t get any, please let us know by reporting a problem.

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